For the Love of Cows!

Our fun-loving herd of momma cows, yearlings and calves give us countless hours of joy each day.  As we enter our wet weather season, our already spoiled herd gets even more pampered.  It's definitely a labor of love when Michael adds fresh straw to their bedding every evening.  All our efforts of producing our own straw and spreading it daily are repaid many times over when we see the pure joy the cows receive as they run into the barn and frolic in the fresh straw.  Calf #27 (pictured above) is playing in the straw the following day.

Throughout the day, the herd feasts on haylage which is pickled hay that we produce ourselves on the farm.  Our nutritous and tasty haylage keeps our herd healthy and happy through winter.  We show how we harvest and preserve our haylage here:  We have another satisifed haylag customer...just see Calf #33 below.

We enjoy spending plenty of time with our herd just scratching them behind the ears and hand feeding them cabbage and carrots.  We have become good at listening to their needs through subtle body language and understanding their unique personalities.  It's our job to keep our herd healthy and happy.  And we are glad to do it for the love of cows!