Final Calves Arrive....Yes Another Set of Twins!

Every year Michael prepares his calving kit with multiple straps, sprays, gloves, and lube hoping for easy calving but ready for complications.   This year was no different except Michael was prepared for a long calving season that would last about 2 months.  We are happy to report that our calving season is officially over! 

Our final calving is from our first calf heifer (cow #411) who is so gentle and kind.  Michael made the call early on that 411 would be calving twins.  I admit that 411 looked very wide.  But none of us believed Michael.  Well, Michael was right.  Twins!  

Michael has been checking on 411 every 3 hours day and night for the past week because he wanted to help her with the twins.  Michael finally told her yesterday morning that waking up in the middle of the night was really killing him and she just needed to have the calves now.  411 started labor about 2 hours later and quickly and easily delivered her twin calves.  What a great way to end our calving season!

Thank you, Michael and our wonderful cows.  And to the calves....welcome to the farm!