Conservation and Black Gold!

We strive to conserve our natural resources on the farm.  A big part of our conservation is recycling our manure which is our black gold!  Since we started, our manure pile was exposed to our bountiful Oregon rain throughout winter.  We were losing valuable nutrients due to rain exposure and some of those excess nutrients were being carried away into our creek. 

A big Thank You to our friends and partners at the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District.  With their help in securing grant funding, we were able to build our manure structure which helps retain our nutrients and protect the creek.  With plenty of room under cover and strong concrete walls and floors, we can store all our manure out of the rain this winter and more quickly compost our manure.  Since we don't use synthetics, our manure is especially important to the health of our soil and pastures.  It will be exciting to spread our nutrient-rich manure back into our pastures come spring!