A Path To Sustainability

Sustainability is part of our DNA and can be seen throughout the farm. We spend extra time planning for sustainable practices and make them part of our everyday routine. We benefit. Our animals benefit. Our pastures benefit. Our environment benefits.

As the herd's lead shepherd, Michael sets up smaller paddocks with temporary electric lines within our larger pasture. He artfully moves the cattle into a new paddock every 2 days as part of our intensive rotational grazing program. The cattle benefit from fresh forage and encounter fewer pathogens. The pastures benefit from a more even mowing, a reinvigorating trampling, and even deposits of what we affectionately call black gold.

Emmett can be seen towing our portable chicken coop into a pasture just vacated by the cattle where the chickens free range and scavenge for bugs. By having the chickens nearby the cattle, the chickens keep the fly population naturally in check.

This is clearly a team effort, and I love my team!

Sustainability is an ongoing process. More examples of sustainability in my next installment.