Cut Selections for 2019


Please make your cut selections using the form below. Please complete and click SUBMIT no later than May 15, 2019.

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Ground Beef
Please select the packaging size for your ground beef.
Steaks include Rib steaks, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Sirloin and Tenderloin (Filet Mignon). Please select your thickness.
Chuck Roasts
Chuck roasts are great for stews. If you choose to not receive your chuck roasts, they will be ground and included in your ground beef.
Rump Roasts and Shoulder Roasts
Rump and shoulder roasts are great for shredded beef tacos and roast beef. If you choose not to have your rump and shoulder roasts, they will be ground and included in your ground beef. If you are choosing rump and shoulder roasts, please also select your preferred size.
Top Round and Bottom Round
Top and Bottom Round are tougher cuts. Ben-the-butcher typically mechanically tenderizes these cuts (like a cube steak). They can be used to make chicken-fried steaks. If you want to try, I recommend just selecting top round and sending the bottom round to ground beef.
The shank is a great cut that takes half a day of braising. You will be rewarded by the flavor! There are 2 choices for the shank: 1) Cross-cut Shank is my favorite cut to make soups; and 2) De-boned Shank is often braised in Asian cooking. This de-boned style is labor intensive for Ben-the-butcher and costs extra.
Ribs are excellent for smoking, roasting, or grilling. There are 2 styles to choose from: english cut and flanken cut. We tried flanken style (aka Korean style) last year and loved it. The flanken style is very labor intensive for Ben-the-butcher, so there's an extra charge for this service.
Specialty Cuts
Here's a list of specialty cuts that are included. If you don't choose them, these cuts will be ground and included in your ground beef.
The bones are cut into 2-3 inch sections and are great for making bone broth. I'm happy to help you make your own bone broth.
Organs are not part of your hanging weight, so we (Verdant Hills Farm) are not charging you for them. Ben-the-butcher charges his standard $0.64 per pound to cut and wrap the organs. Feel free to select what you would like!
Please ask any questions or provide comments. Feel free to call me as well!