A small family farm nestled in a scenic valley in

McMinnville, Oregon 

Humane, Better-than-Organic & Sustainable


100% Grass-Fed Beef

Our small herd of Angus cattle roam our organic pastures.  Born, raised, and finished humanely on our farm with access to abundant grass and clover, our cattle produce meat that is flavorful, well-marbled, and tender.

Pastured Eggs


Our small flock of pastured hens follow our cattle in their mobile coop while foraging on our organic pastures.  Our happy hens can be found sunning themselves on their outdoor roost and produce eggs that have vibrant orange yolks.  

Vibrant Produce

Our vibrant produce selected for flavor, grown using better-than-organic methods, and harvested and delivered at their peak.  From vegetables to fruit, we choose heirloom varieties that taste great but are hard to find at the store.