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Thank you new and returning customers! We are sold out of beef shares for our 2019 season. Please contact us or use our form below to be placed on our list for 2020. We will start taking orders in February 2020.

Beef Shares

We sell our beef by the quarter and half shares directly to individuals and families. We enjoy knowing our valued customers, many of whom have become our friends. 

Since we focus on quality, we slaughter seasonally at the end of May when our pastures at their peak and the beef is the most marbled, tender, and flavorful. Our cattle are slaughtered on our farm by a licensed mobile butcher in our presence. Without the stress and fear of transport or a strange environment, our cattle remain calm up through slaughter. Besides being humane to our cattle, this also produces the best beef. 

A quarter share is approximately 160-220 pounds hanging weight. You can expect your take home cuts to yield about 70% of hanging weight which is about 115-155 pounds of take home beef per quarter share. 


For 2019, our grass-fed beef costs $5.25/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees. Butcher fees are approximately $140-$160 per quarter share, paid directly to the butcher, and include on-farm slaughter, custom cut, wrap, and dry aging of your grass-fed beef. Approximate total cost per quarter share is $950-1,200. Exact cost depends on the actual hanging weight of each cow. USDA regulations require that you pay the butcher directly for cutting and wrapping your meat.

We usually have between 8-10 animals per year to sell, but we usually sell out fast. We take reservations throughout the year on a first come first served basis and give priority to our returning customers. In February, we collect a $250 deposit per quarter share to hold your reservation. Your beef should be ready by mid-June.

We also offer limited shipping to California once a year. Sign up early!

You can find more info in our FAQs.

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