Meet your farmers. 

We are the Butler Family (Michael, Emmett, Rich left to right).  We are first generation farmers with core values of nurturing our land, our animals, and our community.  We are passionate about humane, sustainable farming without chemicals, toxins, or GMOs.  We are motivated to give our animals the best quality of life and to produce the tastiest and healthiest food possible for you and your family.

Rich is responsible for our forage & harvest, garden & orchard, and equipment; Michael is responsible for our farm dog and everything cattle including cattle health, rotational grazing, manure management, winter shelter, birthing, and artificial insemination; and Emmett is responsible for our egg-laying hens and barn cats.  Although we each have different areas of responsibility, we all work together as a team and enjoy performing the hands-on work on our farm.  Our farming practices focus on quality and attention to detail which means we will always follow a low volume production model.   

We think everyone should know how their food is produced.  We encourage questions and offer 100% transparency in our farming practices. We give farm tours and welcome our customers to visit us often throughout the year.