Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  Why eat 100% grass-fed beef vs grain-fed beef?

A:  100% grass-fed beef is healthier for you and is sustainable here at our farm.  100% grass-fed beef has up to five times more Omega-3s and two times more conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) than grain-fed beef which are both beneficial to health.  We NEVER feed our cattle grain, antibiotics, GMOs, or growth hormones.  Once you feed grain, you begin losing the health benefits of 100% grass-fed beef.  Our grass-fed beef is better for the environment and you, because we feed our cattle only forage raised and harvested by us on our farm using sustainable methods without herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.  

Q:  What do you mean 100% grass-fed?

A:  All of our grass-fed beef is 100% grass-fed.  Our cattle are raised on grass AND finished on grass.  No grain or grain by products are used.  We are simply 100% grass-fed.

Q:  Can I visit your farm?

A:  Yes, we encourage you to visit! We are passionate about every aspect of our cattle operation and would be excited to give you a tour of our farm. We also encourage you to ask questions! You have the right to know what you eat. We are 100% transparent in our operation. We welcome suggestions and new ideas!

Q:  What makes Verdant Hills Farm different from other grass-fed beef operations?

A:  We are a small family farm that uses very few inputs.  We own the land we farm which allows us to invest in our future and take a long-view approach to soil and animal health.  We invest heavily in our infrastructure and purposefully limit our growth so all aspects of our farm including forage, cattle, and poultry can thrive under our care and tasks are performed directly by us, your family farmers.   We are principle-based farmers who grow our forage and raise our livestock to a high quality standard and not a profit margin.  This all comes natural to us, because we love what we do!  

Q:  You can buy forage more cheaply than producing on a small scale for yourself.  Why do you insist on growing your own forage?

A:  We grow our own forage so we can control the purity and nutritional value of our feed.  We use intensive rotational grazing and varied pasture of grasses and legumes instead of chemicals to improve our pastures.  No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are applied.  We harvest our forage at the peak of nutrition and timing is everything.  Although it is much more capital and labor intensive to grow and harvest our own forage, the benefits are worth the extra effort.

Q:  Why do you have the mobile butcher come to your farm for slaughter?

A:  We have the slaughter performed on our farm to prevent stress to the animal and to ensure our cattle are only fed grass up through slaughter.  Grass-fed cattle that are slaughtered off the farm are usually fed grain when being transported and held.  We know our cows are truly only grass-fed from our pastures from birth to slaughter.  Our cows lead happy lives on our farm and don’t experience the stress of transport and the unfamiliar “factory” surroundings at time of slaughter.  We insist on the most humane treatment of our animals and are committed to being with our cows at the time of slaughter.  We believe that happy cows free of stress also produce the best meat.  

Q:  How should I store my meat?

A:  A quarter share will yield approx. 135 pounds of meat and will fill 4 large grocery bags (about 5 cu ft.) If you don’t own one already, you should consider purchasing a small chest freezer which is very energy efficient and inexpensive. Your meat should last at least 2 years in your chest freezer without degrading in quality. You will also find the additional space in your chest freezer to be very convenient.

Q:  Can I have more ground beef instead of steaks?  I love steaks…can I maximize my steaks?

A:  Yes, you can! We encourage you to work closely with our butcher to figure out what types of cuts you prefer. We are here to help you too! We chose our butcher (who is licensed and bonded) because he is an expert at his trade and passionate about beef. Our butcher ensures that you get your meat from only your cow in all your cuts including your ground beef. 

Q:  Is the meat dry aged?  Is this included in the price?

A:  Yes, our butcher uses the more time intensive dry aging process! And yes, this is included in your butchering costs! Your beef will be dry aged for 12-15 days which is optimal. Some grocery stores “wet age” their beef because wet aging takes a few days instead of 2+ weeks which is needed for dry aging.  Do not accept wet aging, because there is no substitute for the taste and tenderness of true dry aged beef.

Q:  More Questions?

A:  Contact Us!

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