Free Up Your Freezer Space...Make Bone Broth

bone broth.jpg

We love using bone broth throughout the year to make soup, gravy, and sauces. If you are running out of freezer space, it's time to pull out your beef bones and start making bone broth.

The basic recipe is simple...take your beef bones out of your freezer and rinse with cold water in a stock pot. I also take out my extra bones that I save and freeze throughout the year after I grill steaks and carve out the bones. The next step is optional...I roast the bones on my grill.


After I get a nice char on the bones, I place the bones in a stock pot and include a few halved onions and carrots. I then fill the stock pot with enough water to cover the bones and vegetables plus a few extra inches. I also add about 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per gallon of water added and let the bones and vegetables soak in cold water for several hours to get a jump start on leaching the minerals out of the bones. Then, I bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. I simmer for 2-3 days adding more water twice a day. You can shorten the simmering time, but I like the longer simmer which extracts every bit of goodness from the bones.

bone broth.jpg

After the simmering, I skim most of the fat and strain to create the end result... wonderful bone broth! I use standard methods to safely pressure can my bone broth to get nice shelf stable jars. Free up your freezer space and enjoy your broth....a win-win!

For my beef customers, please reach out with any questions...happy to help and even start your bone broth at your home if you are local!