Winter is Here

The serenity of snow.  It's a calming force once it's here.  The farm becomes quiet as the animals adjust and us farmers take a break from our daily chores to enjoy the change.

We spent the day preparing for the freezing rain that is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  The chickens were snuggled into their coop with enough feed and water to last a few days in case they choose not to come out.  The cattle were rewarded with a thicker layer of fresh bedding.  They show their appreciation with their boisterous play.  

Our spinach has been thriving so far and will hopefully survive this freeze under their tunnel.  There's nothing like fresh spinach during winter months.

After a long day, we are spending this cold evening in front of the fire.  Rudy, our energetic farm dog, has the right idea!  Wishing you the warmest wishes!