Is Cleanliness Truly Next to Godliness?

Even in the middle of our wet winters, our cattle lead great lives.  They get to scratch and scrub themselves at a couple of different brush stations, hang out with each other, get scratched and brushed by us, and be entertained while watching Michael clean.  

And clean Michael does!  During the winter months, Michael cleans the manure off the concrete EVERY day.  They also get fresh straw bedding with a warm, dry place to sleep.  Yes, our cattle are very spoiled.  

Today is a deep cleaning day which happens once a week.  Everything gets scrubbed down and washed out.  All the feeders, railings, chutes, water troughs, mineral feeders, and concrete surfaces get scrubbed, washed, and scrubbed some more. 

When we give tours of the farm, our visitors are impressed by the level of cleanliness and the care we give our cattle.  Michael makes it look easy, but he spends many hours each day giving them fresh straw, clean water, and a clean environment.  The cattle appreciate it, our family appreciates it, and now you can appreciate it too.  THANK YOU, Michael!

As for me, my job is easy.  I feed the cattle out in a clean environment and sit back and watch them enjoy their tasty feed.  Once we let them into the cleaned feeding area, Michael goes back to work and cleans the next area.