Pastures Are Alive Again!

Spring (although very wet) has finally arrived, and our pastures are alive again! Our diverse pastures are the lifeblood of our farm. We have been planting, nurturing, and patiently watching the pastures throughout the fall and winter. Hacking through blackberry along the fence lines with a trail hoe and weeding tansy by hand is tough work but worth it. No chemicals needed here!

We no-till drilled tall fescue, red clover, annual clover, chicory, and plantain into our existing pastures last Fall and can see them emerging this spring. By no-till drilling, we save our existing pasture, reduce carbon loss in the soil, and preserve our earthworms and beneficial bacteria.

Why do we do all this? It’s for the love of our cattle and respect for our land and environment. Healthy, diverse pastures farmed organically help our land and environment by sequestering nitrates in our soil and converting the nutrients, sunlight and water into healthy, nutritious feed for our cattle. Our cattle help by grazing and depositing their manure throughout our pastures. We also harvest all the needed winter feed for our cattle from our pastures. It’s a continuous recycling process, and it’s pretty awesome!

Here's to the start of another great forage season! Please keep hunting our voles, Rudy!