Celebrating Our First Calf of the Season!

Our first calf of the season (#626) was born on August 7th.  #626 is friendly, playful and a voracious eater.  Momma cow (#425), who is a first calf heifer, gave birth with minimal assistance from Michael.  After momma cow was in labor for about 2 hours, we brought her into our birthing suite where Michael applied a little bit of lube and gave a gentle nudge.  Within a minute, her little calf was born. 

We kept momma cow and her calf in their separate pen for a few days so they could bond with each other and we could bond with her calf.

Momma cow is a naturally great mom.  She immediately began licking off her calf, chewed off his cord, and guided him to her teets.  It was amazing to see this transformation, and she made our jobs easy....we just sat back and watched!

What a great start to our calving season.  Only 7 more calves to go!