The Perfect Burger

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect burger. Every perfect burger starts with GREAT ground beef. Our ground beef comes from a single cow that is 100% grass-fed, organic, born and raised by us on our farm, and custom ground for us by our local butcher. Our butcher is only 10 miles away so our supply chain is very short and very local.

Our ground beef is frozen fresh in nicely formed blocks and pulls apart easily when thawed.

We like our ground beef with 15-20% fat.  The fat on our 100% grass-fed beef melts away when seared which leaves a juicy but not greasy burger. 

I like cooking my burgers on a nice hot grill for a uniform sear on both sides. There's no need to oil or grease your grill.

Also, don't forget to let that cheddar cheese melt all over that burger patty.

We are here to help our customers before and after they purchase their beef.